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Earthling First

Creating a Better Today for a Sustainable Future.

At Earthling First, we help our clients reduce waste generation through sustainable intervention, planning, and facilitating responsible waste management and disposal by sending it back into the economy, making our operations trash-free, and reducing our individual and collective impact on the environment.

Earthling First works through the principles of a circular economy, creating breakthrough sustainability models for businesses, organisations and communities.

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Project Jalori 2020 -23

Project Jalori is a zero funded experimental model in waste management and eco-tourism set up at 10280 ft above sea level.

In partnership with local residents, businesses, and stakeholders at Jalori Pass, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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Mountains Unwasted

Following the breakthrough Project Jalori, we are undertaking an even greater challenge and we need your help.

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Event Management


Sustainable Events - Pan India

Events are temporary but they leave a long lasting footprint on both - your guests and the planet.

All events can be sustainable, whether its an awesome festival, a conference, a marathon, a beautiful wedding, or even your birthday party.

Line Production


Green Films Production

We love films and the process of making one. How we bring sustainability into the picture is by deep diving into the process, keeping the treatment in mind, and adding elements of eco-friendly measures weaved through the pre-production and executed without hindering the production.  Our ultimate goal to help you make a beautiful product of cinematic value.


Eco - Tourism


Eco-Tourism - Himachal Pradesh

Come and experience a sustainable way of hiking and camping at Jalori Pass, Himachal Pradesh. We offer our Eco-Tours to help you shed that plastic burden while enjoying the beauty of the Himalayas.

The proceeds from all bookings will go towards a bigger mission: Project Jalori.

Waste Management


Waste Management - Pan India

Know More about our end to end waste management service (Source segregation and strategic disposal of solid waste)  across 24 locations in India.

Our local teams comprise trained waste workers with equal work opportunities for women across India. 

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Trees From Above

Sustainability and Waste Management  Clients

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Recycling Logo

"We are the first generation to see the impact of climate change and the last one to do something about it."

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Documentary and Podcast Features

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Pati, Patni Aur Waste


A documentary by final year students of the Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi, 'Pati, Patni aur Waste' (The Wedding Trashers) attempts to shine a light on the ugly truth behind the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Hot on the heels of recent high profile events such as the Gupta wedding in Auli and Isha Ambani’s wedding in Mumbai, the film looks to experts to understand the nature of the waste generated in such functions. Underneath the garbage, however, it finds a consciousness blossoming. The essence of love beneath the glitz, might just reign supreme.

Charcha For Change - UNDP India


UNDP India and Josh Talks hosted the next edition of #CharchaForChange, a conversation to make a difference. Climate change is real and it is one of the most important emergencies in recent times. The goal was to discuss ideas, innovations, and solutions to combat the climate crisis. Innovators, artists, change-makers, social entrepreneurs participated in the event sharing their journey on #ClimateAction and inspiring the young audience to take action. The campaign was launched on 17th June 2019 at the UN House and was followed up with a grand engaging discussion (with the Director of Earthling First) on August 5th at the Stein Auditorium which had over 400 people in attendance.

"Waste-Picker" in Mumbai - Goethe-Institut


Arithmetically, every person worldwide causes an average of 0.74 kilograms of waste per day. This is more in the Global North, and significantly less in the so-called Global South. Those who contribute least to the catastrophic mass of waste – e-waste or plastic spills in the ocean – are hit hardest: they lose their homes and, in worst-case scenarios, their lives to landfill landslides, work in unsafe garbage collection conditions, and suffer serious health consequences. According to the World Bank, the amount of waste will increase by around 70 percent by 2050 – if nothing changes by then. In our three reports on the subject of "waste masses" (, the authors look at three approaches to reducing waste and ask how recycling can be made more profitable and safer.

Women in Sustainability - Swell India

Swellcast- Audio

Swell India in Conversation with Tamanna Sharma, Director - Earthling First

World Environment Day and Responsible Travel


Daily Passenger Responsible Travel Podcast in conversation with Earthling First.

About Earthling First's Project Jalori with focus on Eco-Tourism and Waste Management solutions.


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