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Project Jalori

By Earthling First

A breakthrough model in waste management for eco-tourism destinations.

Project Jalori: Welcome

About Project Jalori

Project Jalori is a waste management model designed by Earthling First for the high altitude tourist attraction: Jalori Pass in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh. The project is one of a kind holistic end-to-end waste management model. The mission of the project is to not only tackle growing plastic pollution in the fragile forests of the Himalayas but to also promote and enable Eco - tourism and bring back stability to local businesses post Covid-19.

Project Jalori: About

Why Jalori Pass?

Why did we choose this particular destination?

Over the past few years, Jalori Pass that sits at 10282 ft above sea level, has seen a rise in plastic pollution due to increased tourism and burning of waste due to lack of proper waste management.

Covid 19 put a pause on all activities in the region and gave the local stakeholders time to reflect. Earthling First saw an opportunity in this pause and selected Jalori Pass as the location of the implementation of this model.

We aim to contain plastic waste quickly and roll a scheduled cycle of waste management and prevent damage to the local ecology as tourism increases.

Project Jalori: About

Model Focus

The model is being implemented in a 6 Km ( Jalori Pass - Seryolsar Lake) + 3km (Raghupur Fort Hiking Route) area of this mountain terrain in partnership with village residents, local businesses, and local authorities of Jalori Pass. The model also focuses on tourist interaction and awareness, guiding tourists to designated spots for submission of plastic waste.

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Project Jalori: About

Project Elements

Segregation and Collection

The primary responsibility of local stakeholders is to segregate and store their plastic waste and submit it on scheduled collection days. The local stakeholders will ensure no burning of waste takes place and guide visitors to waste collection spots. They will also volunteer for scheduled cleanups.



Eco Bricks of Jalori - Tourists will be given a bottle at the interaction booth at the Jalori Pass entrance to contain their plastic waste and submit it while returning. These bricks will be upcycled into structures of practical use.

Responsible Travel

The tourist interaction booth will display ideas of responsible travel and guide hikers and campers toward sustainable travel - tips and tricks. Our staff member will personally remind each tourist that enters Jalori to be mindful of the sanctity of the forest. Our staff members will be trained in environmental know-how and communication skills for effective interactions.

Project Jalori: Features
Project Jalori: Pro Gallery

Eco - Tourism

Eco-Tourism - Himachal Pradesh

Come and experience a sustainable way of hiking and camping at Jalori Pass, Himachal Pradesh. We offer our Eco-Tours to help you shed that plastic burden while enjoying the beauty of the Himalayas.

The proceeds from all bookings will go towards a bigger mission: Project Jalori.

Project Jalori: Services
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