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Mountains Unwasted

A litter free world is possible with a systems thinking approach.

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We are attempting to fix the problem of waste collection in your favorite holiday destination - Himachal Pradesh

Mission - To encourage waste segregation and facilitate a pick up service for those who do not have access to waste collection.

Vision - To build a community of responsible stakeholders who care about conservation and sustainable resource consumption.

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What makes this mission important?

There is a significant shortage of waste collection in the region, particularly in remote locations. As a result, people have no choice but to burn their waste to dispose of it. However, burning waste is not only harmful to human health but also poses a hazard to the environment and wildlife of the ecologically fragile mountains that we hold so dear.


What are we going about it?

In order to test our service, we will be conducting trials with those who have reached out to us, whether they are in remote locations like Pulga in Parvati Valley, on the treacherous road to Sethan, or on the steep ascent to Jalori Pass. We will go wherever there is a call for a waste-free future.

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“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


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Another Zero Funded Project

We Need Everyone

Contribute funds 

We have big dreams for this project, but we are pursuing them independently.

This is where we need your help. We require your support to purchase a vehicle that can handle the job, rent storage spaces and manage staff salary. We would do it all on our own if we had not already invested all our resources in Project Jalori during the pandemic year.

Our total requirement for the trails is 15 Lac INR, out of which we have raised 3 Lac INR. The rest is in your hands. No contribution is too small. With your help, we can start now and fine-tune a model that will be self-sustaining in one year's time.

All contributors will be recognized as the building blocks of this project, and the impact in the years to come will be dedicated to you.

Will you help us change the course of history? A time when we will look back and call waste crisis a thing of the past.

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Founder's Message

To friends old and new,

The Stoics believed that the single most important practice in life is differentiating between what we can change and what we can't, what we have influence over and what we do not.

Following the success of our zero funded Project Jalori, we have undertaken an even greater challenge by building another project that will significantly improve the waste crisis in a state that is visited by people from every corner of the world, if not all of India.

The impact is major. This project will be done without relying on significant external funding sources. I ask those of you who are betting on a world not falling into its self-made pit to come and support a smart and crucial move towards that bet.

Contribute towards Mountains Unwasted.

Yours faithfully,

Tamanna Sharma

Founder and Director

Earthling First

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